How to Attract Ready-To-Buy Customers & Have Them  Coming To You Without Needing Huge Email Lists Or A Massive Social Media Following

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Learn over 20 years of proven techniques that will help you sell any product or service, even if you have no sales 

experience or tech knowledge.

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What You'll Learn Today

Selling is one of the most critical skills a small business owner needs to succeed, but it doesn’t always come naturally. In this webinar, I’ll explain the winning techniques for prospecting, selling and closing that work in any industry. 


How to find clarity in your business and position your brand so the world knows who you are.


Prospect like a pro; understand why people will buy from you vs your competition.


Learn to micro-niche down and finally figure out who your perfect Avatars are and how to find them.


Stop wasting time by targeting the right people with the wrong message. Get my Perfect Elevator Pitch Template that will have your audience come to you.

About the Author

For almost 20 years, Laura Fox has helped thousands of businesses pivot and grow whilst, at the same time, building her own businesses. As a published Children’s Author, Product Inventor, Patent Owner, Course Creator, Podcast Host, Marketing & Sales Consultant, AI Chatbot Developer, and Apparel Business Owner, Laura may have a story or two, and anecdote on how to get from A to Z that much more quickly. Laura is dedicated to supporting small to medium size business owners as well as helping you share your voice because we want to hear what you have to say.

A message from Laura!

Hi! I'm Laura Fox - it's so nice to e-meet you! I'm glad you're here today because entrepreneurship can be such a lonely sport; you're not alone anymore...

If you're wondering whether I can help get you and your business visibility to attract retain and scale, I'd say, you reading this is proof I can.

Jump in with two feet, then your head, and belly flop your way to success. It's all about flailing our way every single day. Take real chances at success for everything that motivates you in life. Sign up for this FREE training today and let me prove how valuable you and your business are.

With love,

What Other Business Owners Are Saying 

Chantelle Sethi

Sethi Engineering 

"I took Laura's [Clever Fox Studio] classes last year 2020 in person, and they helped me immensely. I didn't even have an Instagram account for my business when I met Laura - nothing. Her classes helped me understand my business, my ideal clients, and how to reach them via social media, what my website needed, and how to be a better sales person who believes in my own self. I ended up hiring her as my coach after the 6 week courses because she knows what she's talking about. I definitely recommend them to anyone with a business! Show up ;)"

Christine Bakhtiyarova

Baby Wheels N' Deals

"Laura Fox is my hero! She helped me get my small business off the ground. I had an idea, but being a busy mom and a first time business owner, I was so confused and overwhelmed with the whole process of starting a business that I didn't know how or where to start. Laura saved me by becoming my mentor and inspiration and the Clever Fox Studio Courses were AMAZING! She taught me everything and gave me the right tools.. referred me to an amazing website developer, shared marketing secrets, social media stuff, she made my logo, came up with my business name Baby Wheels N' Deals and more! 😃 now my business is up and running and I can't thank her enough.. one of the best decisions I ever made! thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart!

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I've put together the exact shortcut templates to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be with your business.


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